Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I hope everyone had fun on the hunt! And we're very happy to announce the winners of the prizes!

Grand Prize Winner for the Blue Team:
Asad K.

Grand Prize Winner for the Red Team:
Nicole M.

We've already contacted the winners by email. Thanks for playing everyone! Below are a list of winners from the authors who ran additional contests on their blogs. If you entered an author contest that hasn't announced a winner yet, then check back on that author's individual blog for more information.

Winner of GLIMPSE by Claire Merle:
LUCIA PANNACC (reading mind)

Winners of 5 swag packs from Corrine Jackson:
kaylee mortensen
Dana C. 
Kat V

Winners of signed copies of SHADE by Jeri Smith-Ready:
Steph Likes Books
Khalia G.
Victoria S.
Avery M.
Amanda G.

Winner of a signed copy of SLATED by Teri Terry:
Myra White

Winners of the contest run by Amalie Howard:
Marie-Michel Page - autographed copy of Bloodspell 
Ana Maria Cristea - autographed copy of Bloodspell 
Len Delgado - autographed copy of Bloodspell 
Brittany S - custom Bloodspell necklace
Savannah Kutz - custom Bloodspell necklace 
Natalie Cleary - sterling silver triquetra charm 
Cassie Jennings - sterling silver triquetra charm 

Winner of the slipcase of the 5 Penguin Breathless Reads books by Jessica Khoury:

Winner of the contest run by Jessica Spotswood:
ARC of Andrea Cremer's RIFT plus some BW swag is katmunster.
Swag Packs for BORN WICKED winners:
Reese's Reviews
Rachel Becker. 

Winner of the contest run by Lisa Burstein:

Winner of the contest run by Gwenda Bond:
Blackwood + swag (handmade duct tape rose pen and limited edition baseball T-shirt): Violette of Violette Reads

Winner of NEVER ENOUGH STORIES by Denise Jaden:

Winners of signed copies of HALLOWED by Cynthia Hand:
Briana Nickol
Michelle Greer

Winner of contest run by Debbie Vigue:

Winner of Kiss the Morning Star swag by Elissa Hoole
Blake Haysel

Winner of the Torn Trilogy by Erica O'Rourke:
Sabine G

Winner of a signed set of Fins books--Forgive My Fins, Fins Are Forever, and Just For Fins by Teri Lynn Childs:
Lexie from The Book Bug

The winners of signed copies of PASSION BLUE by Victoria Strauss:
Gaby Navarro
Giedre Sliumba
Grace Lo
Kristen DeLeonard
Molly Nudo Frenzel
Natalie Cleary
Pam Rosensteel
Sarah Kalaitzidis
Violette Starowicz

Winners of The Ghost and the Goth by Sacey Kade:
1) Iffath (from blog comments, emailed her on 8/6)
2) @aisazia (from #busfullofbandgeeks hashtag, tweeted her 8/6)
3) @smiling_ina (from #busfullofbandgeeks hashtag, tweeted her 8/6)

Winner of HENRY FRANKS by Peter Adam Salomon:
Holly Forbes 

Winner of My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century by Rachel Harris: Amanda Webb
Staci Murden
Julianna Helms

Winner of the contest run by Lissa Price:
Christina2227 wins the STARTERS package
Alexis (the Literature Lion) wins a second-place prize of bookmarks and a light-up necklace

Winner of the contest run by Angela Corbett:
Natalie Cleary

Winner of an ARC of RENEGADE by Jessica Souders:
Susan H.

Winner of a signed book by Beth Revis:
Melissa B.

Julie Cross's winner will be announced when the contest ends later this month. Carrie Ryan contacted her winners individually.

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