Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hunt Closing Soon!

The hunt will end on August 5th (as in, Sunday!) at noon, Pacific Central Time (3pm, EST). At that time:

  • Authors will take down the exclusive content on their posts
  • The entry forms will close
  • And we'll start selecting winners!
It might take us a couple of days to post and contact all the winners--we do sort through all the entries and delete duplicates and check that the answers were correct* for the prizes. We'll also try to have as many authors who did individual blog contests to get us their information so we can post it all in one location, but do check back to any individual author blogs that you entered a contest for that we don't post.

We do hope that you've had a good time with this season's hunt! Thank you so much for spreading the word and getting involved. We are also totally open to any ideas or suggestions you may have for a better hunt next season--the next hunt will be this WINTER, so be sure to check back in November for announcements!

*Several people have had concern about the number Ed posted--he had one number up for a bit, then a different one--either number is correct for the entry form. We sort these by hand, and will accept either number.

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