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Are you an author who would like to participate in the next YA Scavenger Hunt? 

Why you should participate: The YA Scavenger Hunt is a program that draws readers from several different fandoms in one short blog hop. Typically, we get more than a thousand entries in the contest each time, and most authors will see a spike in traffic of several thousand hits during the hunt. The point of the hunt is to spread the word about great YA reads, and in a recent poll, nearly 600 of the participating readers said the number one thing they look forward in the hunt is finding new authors to read.

The YA Scavenger Hunt 

is currently CLOSED for submissions.

Please read the FAQ below, and fill out the accompanying form if you'd like to participate. The number of authors who can participate is limited and will be determined at the organizer's discretion. 

Participation Requirements:
  1. Each participating author must provide a copy of at least one book to one grand prize winner. This is an international contest; each author must agree to ship the prize at his or her own cost to the winner.
  2. Each participating author must provide exclusive content for a post for the participating readers to find in the hunt.
  3. Each participating author must host the exclusive content of another author on his or her site.
  4. Each participating author should be able to update, advertise, and ensure that his/her site is in working order throughout the duration of the hunt.
  5. All content for the hunt must be submitted at least one week before the hunt. 
  6. The author should be available via phone or email two hours prior to and after the start of the hunt to accommodate last minute changes or updates to the hunt.
  7. Authors who cannot meet these requirements may be excluded from the current or later hunts.
  8. Final selection of participating authors in the hunt is up to the discretion of the organizer.
  9. Authors interested in participating in the next YA Scavenger Hunt must fill out the form below at least three weeks prior to the upcoming hunt.
  10. For questions on participation in the hunt, please contact Colleen Houck.

This is important--I direct code the website using html, and if you don't give me a direct URL of a photograph, then your picture and book cover WILL NOT be in any of the promotional materials, which basically defeats a huge part of the marketing potential of the YASH.
  1. Go to a website that has the picture you want on it. 
  2. Right-click on the picture. (Mac Users: Control-Click on the picture)
  3. Select "Open Image in a New Tab" (Or, depending on your browser: "Open Image in a New Window")
  4. This should open a new tab or window that ONLY shows that ONE image and NOTHING ELSE on the screen.
  5. Copy the web address that shows up on the screen that only shows your picture. This web address should end in either .jpg, .gif, or .png. If it does not end in one of those three sets of letters, you are doing it wrong.
  6. If you have questions let me know in the comments here.
  7. Example of something that is NOT a direct URL of a photograph: <--notice that it doesn't end with .jpg
  8. Example of something that IS a direct URL of a photograph: <--notice that this DOES end with .jpg
  9. Important note: we're going to hot-link the photographs--this means I'll be using those direct links to create the content on our webpages. That also means that you should only give me links that you own--something from your own website, for example.

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