Monday, April 8, 2019

Did You Win?

Congrats to our Spring 2019 YASH Winners!

These are the winners of the grand prizes and the individual author prizes for those authors who have reported in as of the end of Monday, April 8, 2019. If you entered an author's contest that isn't listed, check back on the website in the next few days as we will be updating this post as news continues to arrive.

Winning the Team Grand Prizes Are:

Green Team
Becky Long

Purple Team
Katherine Brown

Red Team
Jeremy Cook

Gold Team
Jamie Kramer

Blue Team
Emma Adam 

Bonus Prize
Mariher Alvarez

Author Prizes

(listed in alphabetical order by the first name)

ABIGAIL JOHNSON-The winner of my personal giveaway is Hannah O.

AMALIE HOWARD-My personal winner is Gabby P. for a signed prize pack of Alpha Goddess and Dark Goddess.

AMANDA MARIN-Free copies of North to Nara ebook: Lynette, Katy G., Ali G., Katie H., Tammy H., Amanda M., Teresa L., Tiffini F., Alysha P., Sarah R., Bella, Andrea C., North to Nara prize pack: Megan C.

AMBER DUELL-My personal giveaway winner is Siobhon Nel. She won her choice of a Dream Keeper or Fragile Chaos paperback.

AMY MCNULTY-Two three-book paperback sets of The Never Veil: Hannah O., Andrea C., Two two-book sets of Fall Far from the Tree: Lily M., Sharon Y., A paperback of Ballad of the Beanstalk: Linda R.

BREEANA SHIELDS-My winner was Elisa Hutchings who won a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble.

BRENDA DRAKE-My winners are Shaina Pierce, Aisha, and Michelle Fowler Morris

CARLY MARINO-Olivia Chambers won an ebook copy of Memory Walker and a 5 dollar Amazon GC. 

CECILY WOLFE-The winner of my Rafflecopter, which included two paperback ARCs (The Similars & Crown of Feathers), soccer ball earrings, and a soccer ball charm - Alysha Parent.

CHRISTINA FARLEY-The winner of my gift card from my site is Susanti.

COLLEEN HOUCK-Winners of a Colleen Houck book of their choice: Teresa L., Penny O., Liliana, Vanessa J., & Tiffini F.

ELLE BEAUMONT-The winners are Ashley, Alysha Parent, & Angie B.

ELLE SCOTT-Michelle Fowler Morris won an Ever Marked paperback.

EMIL SHER-My winner is Tammy Hudson

EVA POHLER-The winner of my $50 Amazon Gift card and paperback edition of The Vampires of Athens trilogy is Candice Gigous.

HEATHER MCKENZIE-The winner of my giveaway is Shahna Hopper. She won a print copy of my book Nocturne

HELEN VIVIENNE FLETCHER-The winner of my giveaway was Bella

J. ANDERSEN-Kacie Blackburn won the J. Andersen Books Swag Pack.

JM SULLIVAN-Winners of a short story starter pack (an ebook version of my short story Rise of Ersyla and Shattered Snow) are: Lynnette, Katherine, & Neko Tatsujin

JOYCE SCARBROUGH-Amber Curtis — winner of my True Blue Trilogy, and Carol Coutts-Seipka — winner of $25 Amazon gift card

JULIE ESHBAUGH-The winner of my personal giveaway of a pre-order of CROWN OF OBLIVION is Angie B

JULIE MOFFETT-The winner of my Instagram giveaway for a geek beanie is Lindsay Laughlin-Allotey

KAT ROSS-The winner of signed paperbacks of Nocturne and Solis is Courtney Pierce

KIMBERLY DERTING-The winner for the signed copy of CECE LOVES SCIENCE is Beverly Gordon

KRISTI HELVIG-My individual winner is KC Walters

LEAH KONEN-The winners of 5 Signed ARCs of Happy Messy Scary Love are: Bella, Michelle Fowler Morris, Lisa Mandina, Diamond Keeling, & Meigan 

LEE ANN WARD-My personal winners are: Deb Pelletier (BookBub User: @Deb PelletierC)--Autographed copy of THERE IN THE MOON MIST, Lynette Dent (BookBub User: @lynnettedent)--Autographed copy of GLIMPSES OF WILDERNESS, &Kristal Guthrie (BookBub User: @klguthrie23)--$25 Amazon Gift Card

LISA MANTERFIELD-The winner of my gift card from my site is Susanti.

MARGO KELLY-The winner of a copy of WHO R U REALLY? from my website giveaway is: Danielle Hammelef

MELISSA CHAMBERS-The winner of my $10 Amazon Gift Card is Amber W.

MICHELLE REYNOSO-Carie won a $25 VISA gift card and a signed copy of EN.

MINDY MCGINNIS-My personal winner for a signed copy of A MADNESS SO DISCREET was Erin Arkin!

PATTY BLOUNT-Debi is the winner of a $10 Amazon Gift Card

PINTIP DUNN-The winner for my personal giveaway is: Katherine Paschal

PJ HOOVER- I ran a giveaway for 2 copies of my YA novel A BROKEN TRUCE. The winners are:
Julie C. & Brittany

ROSALYN EVES-The winner of my page Giveaway is Kacie Blackburn.

SARVENAZ TASH-The winner for a signed ARC of VIRTUALLY YOURS was Tiffini F.

SEAN WILLIAMS-My winner's name is Grace Burkhart.

SHANNON THOMPSON-Irma Jurejevčič won a signed copy of Minutes Before Sunset.

SHARON BIGGS WALLER-My winners were Debi Tonks, Christina Carolin, Kate Duncan

T. RAE MITCHELL-(1) Fate’s Fables Chibi Magnetic Bookmark Set Winner: Shelly Hammond, (1) Color Me Inspired Coloring Book Winner: Alysha Parent, (1) Vintage Fairy Tale Bracelet: Angie B., (1) Fate’s War Chibi Magnetic Bookmark Set: Veraunica Wyatt

YVONNE VENTRESCA-Beverly Gordon won a $10 Amazon gift card.

Thanks for playing with us this season YASH hunters. Don't forget to mark your calendars for the October hunt which will take place October 1st through October 6th! See you then!

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