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Thank you to all the YA readers and fans who participated in the fall 2018 YA Scavenger Hunt! We had nearly five thousand entries for the grand prizes. Today we are excited to announce the grand prize winners as well as the individual winners chosen by authors on the various side contests as well. Check back on this post during the next few days as we will continue to add more winners as they come in.

The grand prize winners are:

TEAM GOLD (Winning # 2353)
Laura D. F.
Canaria, SPAIN

TEAM BLUE (Winning # 4536)
Jenn M.
Washington, USA

TEAM RED (Winning # 680)
Elin H.
Linghem, Sweden

TEAM ORANGE (Winning # 935)
Svenja M.
Schwaikheim, Germany

TEAM PURPLE (Winning # 1421)
Sydney S.
Georgia, USA

TEAM PINK (Winning # 75018)
Julie C.
Idaho, USA

TEAM GREEN (Winning # 291)
Valerie R.
Qc, Canada

BONUS WINNER (Winning # 2134)
Brian B.

Congratulations! Your prizes are on the way. Remember that each author will be sending you a separate prize and your books will not all be coming in one large box. 😄

Authors will be listed in alphabetical order by their first name. Please remember to check back as we will be adding information through the week. 

A. G. HOWARD-Stain galley: Simply Shelby, Stain samplers: Elisquared, Dynal Roberson, NorazyCreative, Emily Huff, Fairytale Journal: Daisy Burnett, Fox print: Amy Bernal

ABBY REED-a future eARC of my book WHEN DREAMERS FALL: Jessica Charest, Trisa

ABIGAIL JOHNSON-The winner of my bonus giveaway is Brianna

ADDIE THORLEY-The winner of my personal giveaway for an ARC of An Affair of Poisons is Vicky C

AMALIE HOWARD-Melissa Paschal won a signed Dark Goddess prize pack or her choice of a book from the Book Depository

AMBER DUELL-My personal giveaway winner is Vicki Garrett (an eARC of Dream Keeper)

AMY MCNULTY-One e-copy three-pack of NOBODY’S GODDESS, NOBODY’S LADY, and NOBODY’S PAWN, the complete trilogy: Nancy S. One e-book copy of BALLAD OF THE BEANSTALK: Ashley E. One e-book copy of FALL FAR FROM THE TREE duology: Kimie D. One e-book copy of FANGS & FINS and a SALT & VENOM e-ARC: Lily M.

BRENDA DRAKE-Daisy Cruz won the complete Library Jumpers series in hardcover.

BRENDAN REICHS-The following won a copy of Genesis: Megan Klin, Michael Whitney, Vanessa Jury, Megan Clarasach, Trisa Rey, Rhiannon Perkins

CARLY ANNE WEST-the winner for my individual YASH giveaway is Nancy Storms

CECILY WOLFE-My bonus giveaway winner (paperback copy of The Competition) is Penny Olson

CHELSEA PITCHER-The prize is an ARC of my YA thriller, This Lie Will Kill You, a $10 Amazon gift card, and a travel Clue boardgame. The winner is: Michelle Fowler Morris

CHRISTY SLOAT-Susanna Chipps won a copy of The Archivist

COLLEEN HOUCK-A copy of The Lantern's Ember and a mystery book-Penny O., Vanessa J., & Irma J. 

CORINNE OFLYNN-a copy of DEAD NIGHT with 1 paperback and 3 ebook winners. Louieh46
Ashley E., mynewhome..., Cathy

DEBBIE MANBER KUPFER-Jessica Walters - audio book bundle, Marisa Fort - ebook bundle, Stevie - signed book marks, Liliana - ebook from D.R. Perry, Jennifer Elise Rodriguez - signed paperback from Rebecca Jaycox.

EMIL SHER-The three winners in my giveaway are Michelle Morris, Maliha Khan, & Marie-Eve Doyon 

ERIN CASHMAN-My winner of a hardcover of Uncharted was:

EVA POHLER-The winner of my $50 gift card and paperback edition of my six-book series, The Gatekeeper's Saga, is Bella Mestrovic

F.M. BOUGHAN-one copy of "Cinderella, Necromancer" goes to Allisa White

GINA CIOCCA-The winner of my personal giveaway (a copy of each of my published novels) was Brianna Clay

HEATHER MCKENZIE-Penny Olson won 2 pop/rock cd’s of original music.

J. ANDERSEN-The J. Andersen Books swag pack give away winner is: Allisa White

J KELLER FORD-Cher Culliton won an ebook copy of IN THE SHADOW OF THE DRAGON KING

JENNIFER BRODY-My giveaway winner of signed copies of RETURN OF THE CONTINUUMS & UNITED CONTINUUMS: Erin Nation!

JESSICA RUDDICK-The winner of the ARC of Undefined is Emily Huff.

JM SULLIVAN-the three winners for my Sample Pack (an ebook of ALICE and Rise of Ersyla) are:
Ashley, Rachel B, & Bella

JULIE ESHBAUGH-the winner of a hardcover copy of Ivory and Bone is Liliana E.

JULIE MOFFETT-theoretically_theoadorable, racingtoread, fablehunter01& suzannereadsforfun, all get a free ebook of my latest novel WHITE KNIGHTS. Please contact me via my website at: to collect your prize!

JULIE REECE-Ebook copies of THE ARTISANS-Liliana – Lost in a Book, Rebecca June, Stephanie – Holed up in a Book, Ruby – Ruby’s Books, Paperback copy of ONE SUMMER WITH AUTUMN-Jordan Bishop, Stephanie Quinn

KAT ROSS-an ebook of The Midnight Sea. Lily M, Grace, B.N., Sneha, Katy, Jessica, Nikki, Michelle, Nori, Laura

KATE BRAUNING-Cassandra Darensbourg won a paperback copy of The November Girl by Lydia Kang.

KRISTI HELVIG-Pam Mandigo won a paperback copy of THE WING COLLECTOR

L. E. DELANO-The winner of my pre-NaNoWroMo swag pack was Auburn Nenno.

L.H. NICOLE-Courtney MiKayla Pierce—$20 amazon gift card, Dina Stornello —bag of books and swag

LYDIA KANG-Pan Mandigo won a signed copy of TOXIC plus swag pack. 

LYSSA CHIAVARI-My personal giveaway winner was Tashia J., who won an audiobook copy of Cheerleaders from Planet X.

MACKENZIE FLOHR-Sydney Smith won a paperback edition of The Whispered Tales of Graves Grove 

MARGO KELLY-Melissa Williams won a signed copy of UNLOCKED

MARY AMATO-Free 15 minute Q-and-A Skype for Classroom or Individual with Author Mary Amato. Winner: Julia @fablehunter01

MELISSA CHAMBERS-Jamie B. was the winner of the giveaway of the $10 Gift Card

MICHELLE BACON-Lisa Mandina won a signed copy of my YA novel, Antipodes, and book swag.

MICHELLE REYNOSO-Bella won a signed canvas of the book cover of EN

NATASHA COHEN-The winner from my site of a copy of SOULSTRUCK was Pam Mandigo of Richmond, KY

PATTY BLOUNT-Katherine Pashcal won a copy of SOME BOYS plus a $10 Amazon GC.

PAULA STOKES-Angie B. won a copy of Vicarious, Ferocious, and Liars, Inc.

PINTIP DUNN- the winner of my individual giveaway is: Tamara Kasyan

ROXANNE LAMBIE-My giveaway winner is, Theo Adelberg, who won a signed copy of my book, QUANTUM, a cashmere scarf, an oak leaf pendant, a key chain, sticker and bookmarks!

S.A. LARSEN-The winner of a $20 iTunes card & Marked Beauty book swag is Ashley C.

SARA FUJIMURA-BREATHE gift box winner: Alison W. from Indianapolis, IN, TANABATA WISH gift box winner: Sara L. from Nampa, ID

SHAILA PATEL-My personal giveaway winner's name is Ashley Martinez

SHANNON A THOMPSON-my winner was Sneha

SHONNA SLAYTON-winners for the 10 eARC giveaway of Snow White's Mirror: Esther, Liz, M.R., Heidi (with yahoo account), Daisy, Brandee, Samantha, Debra, Brianna, and Beverly

T. RAE MITCHELL-Fate’s Fables Acorn Necklace Winner: Angie Bailey, Vintage Fairytale Keychain: Ashley Martinez, Set of Fairy Tale Glass Magnets Winner: Brianna Clay, Fate’s Motto Coffee Mug Winner: Destiny Carroll, Fate's Fables Box Set Collection Ebook Winners: Stepanie Grant, Ria, Elin Helmersson, Debra Larson Branigan, Beverly, Debi, Sara Wilden, Kate, Adrianna DiSario, Alison Weaver, Justine Schwietzer, Bn100, Stephanie Halcomb, Kaylie Witt, Kacie Blackburn, Ali Goff, Stacy, Allie Stevens, Sarah Richards, Marie-Eve Doyon

TIANA SMITH-The winner of my digital goodies giveaway is Ruby

TORI RIGBY-Alisa Harrison was the winner of my additional giveaway

WENDY HIGGINS-my 5 personal giveaway winners of KISS COLLECTOR Swag: Noelle Walker, Diamond Keeling, Jenni McDaniel, Monica Etter, and Ericka (@a_bookworms_nook)

YVONNE VENTRESCA-Megan Coppadge won a Black Flowers, White Lies poster and $15 gift card

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