Monday, October 9, 2017

Fall 2017 YASH Winners!

Please Note: We are updating the list of winners for the next two days, so keep checking back on the website if you don't see a particular author you are looking for.


Red Team      #1587                       Seraph Captrix                          
Pink Team      #521                        Megan S.                                                    
Blue Team      #455                        Agnes Gallant                                                       
Gold Team      #552                        Jessica Walters                                  
Green Team    #722                        Brenton Jennings            
Purple Team    #525                       Melissa Taylor                    
Orange Team  #1306                     Charity Rau
Gift Card         #129                      Linda Adams   



KATHLEEN BALDWIN-(giveaway) Debi AKA LitleDeb7

KAITLIN BEVIS-(an audiobook copy of Persephone) Lilly M.

FAYE BIRD-(giveaway) Shannon Tusler

PATTY BLOUNT-(An Amazon Echo Dot) Joseph G.

CM BOERS-(Obscured series) Natasha Donohoo, ($5 Amazon Gift Card) Cassandra Tennison, (Obscured book) Morebooksthanlivros Isabelle, Ali Goff

SAM BOHRMAN-(an e-copy of Breaking the Rules of Revenge) Brian Andrusyk, Alexandra Konczol, Beth Long

F.M. BOUGHAN-(A Cinderella, Necromancer Swag Pack) Casablanca Eve

KIM BRIGGS-(a signed copy of Starr Fall and a $15 gift card) Erin Nation

KIM CHANCE-(signed ARC of Keeper) Krissy, ($15 Amazon gift card) Julie Clay

MELISSSA CHAMBERS-(a $10 Amazon Gift Card) Shannon F.

GINA CIOCCA-(a copy of Seize Today by Pintip Dunn & preorders of Busted and A Kiss in the Dark) Megan, (an audiobook of Last Year's Mistake, a copy of Seize Today by Pintip Dunn and a choice of a preorder of Busted or A Kiss in the Dark) Paige Smith

KAT COLMER-(an e-book copy of The Third Kiss and a set of sickle sword earrings) Cassandra

GINA DAMICO-(winners) Aisha Soto, Champagne Milin, Bonnie Staring, Aylea Stephens, Vanessa Jury, Holly Alexander, Reily Hinds, Jeanae Gamble, Ali Goff, Monica Rodriquez

JULIA DAY-(hardcover of The Possibility of Somewhere) Shannon Tusler

KIMBERLY DERTING-(Undressed hard copy) Eileen Boyce, (Undressed e-copy) Camila Perez

JENNIFER DIGIOVANNI-(a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card) Megan C.

AMBER DUELL-(an exclusive Fragile Chaos Keychain) Monica Rodriquez

PINTIP DUNN-(a set of three print novels in the FT series) Jeanae Gamble

TOBIE EASTON-(signed copy of Emerge) Jessica C

ROSALYN EVES-(An ARC of Lost Crow Conspiracy) Meigan Zeigler

TAYLOR FENNER-(a signed ARC of CurseBreaker) Melanie Nenno

ERIN FITCH-(A Halloween Horror Prize Pack including a signed copy of The Veil: Ghosts, Goblins, Ghouls) Sarah Kozlowski

JESSIKA FLECK-(an ebook copy of The Castaways and a nautical bracelet) Trisa

J. KELLER FORD-(A copy of Rage of the Dragon King and a $10 gift card) Mariko Gjovig

SARA FUJIMURA-(A signed copy of Tanabata Wish and a Japan prize pack) Monica G.

DAVID GILL-(a signed copy of Uncanny) Tiana Wolfe, Shelly Hammond, Katy Goodwin, Nikole Clow, Aisha Soto

JULIE HAMMERLE-(A signed copy of Approximately Yours) Kristina Sanders

LARISSA HARDESTY-(an ebook copy of Kiss Me, Kill You & a $5 Amazon Gift card) Vanessa

A. G. HOWARD-(Splintered box set) Amy Bernal, (Splinter character quote cards) Kailey Bradley, (Splintered Card Set) Justine Schweitzer, (Alice in Wonderland Gift Tags) Debi

AMALIE HOWARD-(winners) Angie Bailey, Deborah Dumm

COLLEEN HOUCK-(A copy of Tiger's Curse & Reawakened) Courtney MiKayla Pierce, Ashley Martinez, Genaia McClellan, Emily Huff, Ann Musselman     

AMALIE JAHN-(an ebook of Among the Shrouded) Nichole Buchholz

ABIGAIL JOHNSON-(A paperback copy of If I Fix You) Emily H.

CHRISTINA JUNE-(An ARC of Everywhere You Want to Be) Elisa of the Bookish Delights Blog                                
LYDIA KANG-(November Girl book and swag pack) Sarah Kozlowski

MARGO KELLY-(A signed hardback of Unlocked & key chain) Theresa Snyder

CLARA KENSIE-(a signed paperback of Deception So Deadly-a Rita award winner) Claire Goodwin

S.A. LARSEN-(a Marked Beauty book tote & a $15 Amazon Gift Card) Jade Walker

LINDSEY R. LOUCKS-(A copy of Daring the Devil) Ashley Martinez

LISA MANTERFIELD-(A signed copy of The Smallest Thing) Julie Terry

AMY MCNULTY-(E-copy three pack of Nobody's Goddess, Nobody's Lady, & Nobody's Pawn) Alicia P. (e-book of Ballad of the Beanstalk) Caryssa C. (e-book two pack of Fall Far From the Tree and Turn to Dust and Ashes) Ruby

T. RAE MITCHELL-(ebook copy of Fate's Fables Boxed Set Collection) Chane, Samantha L., Shannon T., Amy W., Tess H., Kailey S., Reilly H., SC, Boni D., Marie-Eve D., Katie L., Rachel, Shahna H., Ali U., Theresa W., Nicole B., Yoselin G., Michelle, Candy A., Melissa B.

L.H. NICOLE-(winner) Debi

SHAILA PATEL-(winner) Tashia Jennings

EVA POHLER-(winner) Brittany Blaszczyk

JULIE REECE-(A signed paperback of The Artisans, The Paladines, & One Summer With Autumn) Nikole C.

BRENDAN REICHS-(A signed copy of Nemesis) Samantha D, Rebecka Jakobsson, Penny Olson, Trisa, Casablanca Eve, Kester

LAURISA REYES-(A $15 Amazon gift card) Jessica Creason

CONSTANCE ROBERTS-(a $5 Amazon gift card) Bethany Keeton

BETH ROGERS-(A copy of Freshman Fourteen and Sweet Fifteen) Shannon Fay, Lily M.

KAT ROSS-(a boxed set of The Fourth Element Trilogy) Shannon Fay

NINA ROSSING-(The Way It Hurts by Patty Blount) Tammy VanScoy, (ebook of Fjord Blue) Elin Helmersson, (ebook of Supermassive) Heather Singleton, (signed copy of Fjord Blue) Lysa JP, (signed copy of Supermassive) Bethany Bratney, (Signed copy of Mick & Michelle) Cassandra Tennison, (ebook of Mick & Michelle) Jeanae Gamble

SHARON HUSS ROAT-(Signed copies of How to Disappear and Between the Notes) Amanda Baird

VICTORIA SCOTT-(Paperback of Titans) Courtney Pierce

SHANNON A. THOMPSON-(a signed copy of Bad Bloods and swag) Gabby Roberts, (a signed copy of Minutes Before Sunset and swag) Amy Bernal

DAX VARLEY-(Edgar Allan Poe bandages) Gurlay Garcia

YVONNE VENTRESCA-(Black Flowers, White Lies custom notecards and a $10 Amazon gift card) Joanna R. Cox

CARLY ANNE WEST-(A copy of The Murmurings plus goodies) Shelly Hammond

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