Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Attention YA Authors!

The time has come to sign up for the Spring 2017 YASH! Fill out the form below before March 19th to be considered.



  1. Hi! I'm excited to see that signupa are open. Are books on preorder eligible to be submitted for the hunt? My latest book will release on April 11. It will be available as both print and ebook, but preorders are only available for ecopies, so right now it LOOKS like it is digital only, but in fact it will have a paperback as well. If that's against the rules, I understand. In fact, it makes my decision as to which book to feature a whole lot easier. ;))

    1. As long as you can offer a print prize (it can be your book or any YA book) then that's fine.

    2. Thanks, Colleen. Now, I guess I have to make a decision. ;)