Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Spellcaster by Claudia Gray

Burn the witch!

Can you picture it? The mob of villagers with their pitchforks chanting this mantra to decide the fate of a girl’s life.  Luckily for Nadia Caldani, though she was a witch, this never happened. After moving to Captive’s Sound with her father and brother, she quickly saw that there was something wrong happening. Maybe it was just because the boy she couldn’t help staring at during biology, Mateo, was surely dating the girl that sat next to him or the dark magic she could feel coming from beneath the class room floor. Take your pick.

With her witch of a mother leaving her half trained and feeling only a little able to defend herself, Nadia, battles the normal life a senior in high school with an added bonus of someone in her new hometown who has weaved their evil magic into the fabric of life in Captive’s Sound.

In the adventure to save her new home she teams up with the cursed, Mateo, and the vintage clad, Verlaine, to stop the wicked forces that is threatening everything that they loved. Who could be behind such a thing? Can half trained Nadia find enough power to come out conqueror? Only the words spellbound into the book by Claudia Gray can tell.

Spellcaster is a book filled with mystery and deception all spiced up with a little magic. Another mystery connected to Spellcaster is Amy Vincent. Who is that? She holds the real magic behind the pages. She uses Claudia Gray as her pseudonym to write her YA novels. Probably best known for her Evernight series, she has written many books including Spellcaster’s sequel Steadfast and also her latest release of A Thousand Pieces of You.

To see more of the stories weaved by Claudia Gray go check out her website and you will be enchanted. 

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