Wednesday, April 9, 2014

YASH Winners (Spring 2014)!!!!

Congratulations to all our winners!!

I don't have a complete list of winners but will continue to update this post as I am given more names. If you have not received an email from the author and you are a winner, please contact me at

Winner of BLUE team is Lauren whose email is oo******** For those curious minds, the total was 372.

Winner of RED team is Melissa Brooks. The total was 721.

Winners of Colleen Houck's TIGER'S CURSE : Stephanie Ziegle, Kelli Griffin, Demitra Giote, Cassidy Singleton, Merisha Abbot, Erin PreFontaine, Kirstyn, Autumn Miller, Meagan Paramore, Taylor Randall

Winner of Colleen Houck's TIGER'S PROMISE prize pack : Janna Gilbertson

Winner of Mari Mancusi's Daenery's POP! Figurine : Lena Marsteller

Winner of Amalie Howard's : Amanda Bourque

Winner of Lynne Matson's NIL swag pack & LANDRY PARK : Ashleigh Calhoun

Winner of Maureen McGowen's Team Burn t-shirt and COMPLIANCE : Cindy Candia

Winner of C.J. Redwine's DEFIANCE : Ina Warren

Winners of Lissa Price's : Maude Gr from the Netherlands, Paeola B, Rachel Bos, Cesya M. C., Amber Hs.
Special note: Any teachers or libraries who left a comment or entered Price's rafflecopter can email her for bookmarks.

Winners of Lucy Connors' plushy horse : jenbook4, beccaf97200, onceuponadreambooks

Winner for Lucy Connors' THE LONESOME YOUNG : ksnider1019

Winner for Jaye Robin Brown's THE MURDER COMPLEX : Hannah Martian

Winner for Jenny Lundquist's THE PRINCESS IN THE OPAL MASK : Jenna Kilgore

Winner for Kristen Lippert-Martin's TABULA RASA : Brianna C.

Winner for Kimberly Derting's THE TAKING and swag : Kassiah Faul

Winner for Rachel Carter's SO CLOSE TO YOU & THIS STRANGE AND FAMILIAR PLACE & bookmarks : Pam Mandigo

Winner of Tera Lynn Childs' complete set of FORGIVE MY FINS books : Brianna C.

Winner of Rachel Harris's : Blue Niassa, Amy Logg, Cassidy Singleton

Winner of Amy Christine Parker's : Mary Perez


Winner of Cat Patrick's THE ORIGINALS : Cesya MaRae

Winner of Jeri Smith-Ready's THIS SIDE OF SALVATION and Megan Shepherd's THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER : Lissa A.

Winner of Kay Honeyman's THE FIRE HORSE GIRL : Merisha Abbott

Winner of Lea Nolan's CONJURE or ALLURE : Hannah Martian

Winner of P. J. Hoover's SOLSTICE : Victoria

Winner of Shelley Coriel's GOODBYE, REBEL BLUE deluxe swag pack : Sharrice

Winner of Megan Shepherd's MADMAN'S DAUGHTER mega prize pack : Stacie Cruz

Winner of Claudia Gray's : Yun-A, Monica, Quintana

Winner of Sara Larson's : Kathy Lotti

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