Monday, October 7, 2013

YASH Winners of the Fall 2013 Hunt!

Without further ado, the winners of the Fall 2013 Hunt are...

GOLD TEAM: Kaitlyn

The winners have already been contacted by email and their prizes are winging their way to them right now!

Winners of the additional author contests are:
  • Anna Carey: Winner is Brandy Byrnes
  • Amalie Howard:  Gave away an ARC of Waterfell, signed copy of Eternal by Kristi Cook, and a copy of All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill. The winner was Maura Trice.
  • Shelley Corriel: The winner of a hardcover copy of GOODBYE, REBEL BLUE is *** Stephanie @ Inspiring Insomnia. *** 
  • Rita Arens: Winner is  Rachel Spring.
  • Gina Rosati (Auracle) gave away individual prizes (4 total):
    • International (signed Auracle hardcover/swag) - 2 winners:  
      • Hannah M - Australia 
      • Diana Terrado - Philippines
    •  US/Canada (signed Auracle hardcover/swag and library of the winners' choice each wins an Auracle Reading Group bag with 10 hardcovers, 50 discussion guides, 50 silicone bracelets and 100 bookmarks ) - 2 winners: 
      •  Sarah @thebooklife and the Volusia County Library, Ormond Beach, Florida
      • Nicole Stine and the Portales Public Library, Portales, New Mexico
  •  Eliza Tilton:  Cindy Candia won an e-book of BROKEN FOREST and an original sketch of Avikar & Raven
  • Kim Baccellia: Winner is Rachel Edmundson
  • Sarah Beth Durst: Winner is Tiffany W
  • Jessica Khoury: Winner of Origin, Vitro, and swag is Jen Stasi
  • Jessica Shirvington's winners are:
    • Blog winner:     Merisha Abott
    • Jessica Shirvington facebook winner:      Stephie Meissner
    • Embrace Series facebook winner:      Oops I Read a Book Again!
    • Twitter winner:      @Tween2TeenBooks
  • Amy Plum: Winner is Kimberly Bea
  • Kathleen Peacock: winner of a signed copy of Thornhill on my own blog was Rebecca A
  • Amy Parker: Winner is Ashley Gallivan
  • Tara Fuller: Winner is Mary H. (Mary had a Little Book Blog)
  • Kay Honeyman:  Melissa Robles won a copy of FIRE HORSE GIRL
  • Lissa Price's bonus contest:
    • Sarah Koz. Enders ARC & Starters paperback 
    • Paris S. and Stephanie at Inspiring Insomnia, second place
    • Sua S., 
Avril L., Heather Bak.S. Chapter samplers of Starters
    • Extra bonus winners from FB: Camilla L.,maniacalbookworm Twitter: The busy bibliophile From comments: devan@bookstrings From Tumblr: Alicia M. Ez.
  • Colleen Houck's winners:
    Grand Prize: Amber H.
    Tiger's Curse: Maud G, Fabiana S, Lea K C, Alice C, Alisa C, Simin H, Nishka, Carmel L, Justine V, Christina M


  1. Congrats - enjoy your new books, everyone! And thanks so much to all of the authors who organized and participated.

  2. Congrats to all you lucky winners! See you next time!

  3. Could you tell us what the numbers were, to see if we all got them right?

  4. Congrats everyone. I'm pretty sure I am the Justine V. Winner from Colleen Houck's stop but I did not receive an email. Thanks,

  5. Congratulations to all the winners!

  6. I'm so excited! Again, thank you so much for hosting the giveaway, and thanks to all of the authors who participated! [Particularly those on the blue team. ;)]

  7. Congrats everyone! I think I may be the Amber H. for Colleen Houck. I wasnt emailed either though.

  8. Congratulations! I missed this hunt :( i'm on the mailing list, but I didn't receive an email about it?