Monday, October 7, 2013

YASH Winners of the Fall 2013 Hunt!

Without further ado, the winners of the Fall 2013 Hunt are...

GOLD TEAM: Kaitlyn

The winners have already been contacted by email and their prizes are winging their way to them right now!

Winners of the additional author contests are:
  • Anna Carey: Winner is Brandy Byrnes
  • Amalie Howard:  Gave away an ARC of Waterfell, signed copy of Eternal by Kristi Cook, and a copy of All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill. The winner was Maura Trice.
  • Shelley Corriel: The winner of a hardcover copy of GOODBYE, REBEL BLUE is *** Stephanie @ Inspiring Insomnia. *** 
  • Rita Arens: Winner is  Rachel Spring.
  • Gina Rosati (Auracle) gave away individual prizes (4 total):
    • International (signed Auracle hardcover/swag) - 2 winners:  
      • Hannah M - Australia 
      • Diana Terrado - Philippines
    •  US/Canada (signed Auracle hardcover/swag and library of the winners' choice each wins an Auracle Reading Group bag with 10 hardcovers, 50 discussion guides, 50 silicone bracelets and 100 bookmarks ) - 2 winners: 
      •  Sarah @thebooklife and the Volusia County Library, Ormond Beach, Florida
      • Nicole Stine and the Portales Public Library, Portales, New Mexico
  •  Eliza Tilton:  Cindy Candia won an e-book of BROKEN FOREST and an original sketch of Avikar & Raven
  • Kim Baccellia: Winner is Rachel Edmundson
  • Sarah Beth Durst: Winner is Tiffany W
  • Jessica Khoury: Winner of Origin, Vitro, and swag is Jen Stasi
  • Jessica Shirvington's winners are:
    • Blog winner:     Merisha Abott
    • Jessica Shirvington facebook winner:      Stephie Meissner
    • Embrace Series facebook winner:      Oops I Read a Book Again!
    • Twitter winner:      @Tween2TeenBooks
  • Amy Plum: Winner is Kimberly Bea
  • Kathleen Peacock: winner of a signed copy of Thornhill on my own blog was Rebecca A
  • Amy Parker: Winner is Ashley Gallivan
  • Tara Fuller: Winner is Mary H. (Mary had a Little Book Blog)
  • Kay Honeyman:  Melissa Robles won a copy of FIRE HORSE GIRL
  • Lissa Price's bonus contest:
    • Sarah Koz. Enders ARC & Starters paperback 
    • Paris S. and Stephanie at Inspiring Insomnia, second place
    • Sua S., 
Avril L., Heather Bak.S. Chapter samplers of Starters
    • Extra bonus winners from FB: Camilla L.,maniacalbookworm Twitter: The busy bibliophile From comments: devan@bookstrings From Tumblr: Alicia M. Ez.
  • Colleen Houck's winners:
    Grand Prize: Amber H.
    Tiger's Curse: Maud G, Fabiana S, Lea K C, Alice C, Alisa C, Simin H, Nishka, Carmel L, Justine V, Christina M

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