Monday, April 8, 2013


Hi everyone! We're very pleased to announce the winners of the Spring 2013 Scavenger Hunt!

For Red Team:

For Blue Team:
Gabby A

Each of these winners has been contacted by email already. 

Many of the authors also held individual giveaways on their blogs for people to win smaller prizes. Below are all the ones that have selected winners so far--for other winners, visit the individual authors' webpages:

  • Beth Revis gave away a signed copy of SHADES OF EARTH, along with DEFY THE DARK swag to Mel B.
  • Maureen McGowan gave away:
    • Hardcover copy of DEVIANTS:  Rachael Matthews and Elizabeth Kotkiewicz Hyatt
    • Kindle copy of DEVIANTS: Alaiel Kreuz, Tamara Theresa Nathan, Stelina Papagianneli, Birgitte and Deanna Babcock
    • CD mp3 audio copy of DEVIANTS: Gwenola Hamelin
  • Amalie Howard did the ARCs of Awesome Giveaway to Melissa Robles and Kelsey Dietrich
  • Lea Nolan gave away:
    • Francine Soleil won the digital copy of CONJURE
    • Jessica Jackson won the signed paperback copy of CONJURE
  • Lisa Burstein's winner of The Next Forever digital copy: Kaitlin Snider
  • Colleen Houck gave away:
    • Tiger's Curse books: Ivana Maric, Mary Perez, Katherina Barney, Nichole Springer, Shanon Vuong, Megan Kyser, JenniferG W, Chantelle Ip, Brandon N Amanda Hamer, Kristia Militiadou
    • Grand Prize: Angela Reads
  • Jenn Johansson gave away a bonus signed ARC of Insomnia to "Kim V." 
  • Scott Tracey gave away signed ARCs of THE GODDESS TEST, THE RAVEN BOYS, and TEN to Jocelyn Rish
  • Aprilynne Pike gave away an ARC of both LIFE AFTER THEFT and EARTHBOUND to Justine Winans
  • Rachel Carter gave away a signed hardcover of SO CLOSE TO YOU and a signed ARC of THIS STRANGE AND FAMILIAR PLACE to Roxanne McCleary
  • Erica O'Rourke's winner is Tessa Van Diest. 
  • Winner of Scorched ARC giveaway by Mari Mancusi was Anastasia Montero
  • Megan Miranda's winner was Ali Kiki
  • Victoria Scott gave THE COLLECTOR swag to Kristina Haecker
  • Kathleen Peacock gave away an annotated copy of Hemlock and the ARC of Thornhill to Megan K.
  • Alyxandra Harvey gave away:
    • Drake Chronicles Books 1-6:  Eli Y
    • A Killer First Date: Rose P, Lea, Stephanie P, Holly R, Destiney R
    • Languish: Maud G, Danny M, Fatema A, Rachel S, Kim
    • Vampire Bites: Tal R
  • Mindi Scott gave away a copy of FREEFALL and LIVE THROUGH THIS for Kris and Kim.
  • Jessica Shrivington gave away:
    • 1. From my Facebook page                =    Katherine Adams
    • 2. From Embracetheseries FB Page   =    Nicole Kha
      3. From Twitter @jessShirvington      =    Vahhaba Lamis @nz_crazy_chick
      3. From my blog comments                =    Angelica Joy
  • Erin Underwood gave away a copy of FUTUREDAZE: AN ANTHOLOGY OF YA SCIENCE FICION to Tonya Cool
  • Jennifer Armentrout gave away a signed copy of Apollyon plus Hebel Designs' Wait for You inspired bracelet to Marissa Walker
  • Kat Evangelista's winner was Tessa Van Diest
  • Amy Plum's winner was Lis Carcamo
  • Amber Argyle's winners are: 
    • Alisha M Blanchard wins a signed copy of Witch Born, 3 bookmarks, and 3 bookplates
    • Grace wins an ebook of Witch Song
    • Jen Stasi wins an ebook of Winter Queen

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