Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winners of Extra Contests!

In addition to the big contest, many of the authors ran their own contests as well! Here's the winners so far:
  • Stephanie Zhang won the Hebel Designs jewelry prize pack for the Lux and Covenant series
  • Winners for Stacey Kade's contest: Nour Abu-Mallouh, Rima Hamze, Kayla Reichenbach
  • Ashfa Anwer won a signed paperback copy of Tempest and a signed ARC of Vortex
  • Elana Johnson's winners are: Sina, Cindy, Rhianna, Sam Wright, Jesselle Villegas
  • Ella (Ellen Trieu) won a full signed set of the DREAMING ANASTASIA series
  • Myra McEntire's winner is JENNA DETRAPANI
  • Merisha Abbott won a signed copy of Henry Franks
  • Ashfa Anwer won a signed copy of the coverplate
  • Gina Damico's contest winner is Ashley Owens
  • The winner for CONJURE Swag Pack is Natalie C aka @natcleary
  • The winner of an ARC of SOLSTICE on my blog was Amber Johnston Mitchell.
  • Brittney Baltera won the contest run by Heather Anastasiu
  • A signed paperback of BORN WICKED: Steph T.
  • Cahill Witch Chronicles swag packs: Mariella R, Sana, and Andrea H.
  • Amalie Howard's winner is Natasha Donohoo.
  • Niahara won from The Guardian Legacy blog
  • The winner of Eugene Myer's contest is Mary H
  • The winner of the signed copy of THE PLEDGE and THE ESSENCE was Tabitha S. 
  • Lorena C - she won a signed copy of So Close to You and a watch necklace.
  • Victoria Stauss's giveaway was for 3 signed books (The Arm of the Stone, The Garden of the Stone, and Passion Blue) plus swag. Winners: Elena M., Tiffany B., and Shauna O.
  • 5 Winners of the Starters side contest: Grand prize winner: Orchid, International winner: Hannah McC., 3 other chapter sampler winners: Sarah K., Mandy R. (panda), Suz@ asoulunsung
  • Colleen Houck's winners: The collector's edition set goes to MaryAnn O. The 10 winners of Tiger's Curse are Gabby A, Amanda O, Ashfa A, Stephanie Z, Christy P, Jessica R, Kelsey H, Gabbie J, K, Samantha H. 
  • Marley Gibson's winners are: BONUS GIVEAWAY WINNER – Hard Candy brand lip gloss set: Cheyenne Teska, SURPRISE RUNNER UP WINNERS – two (2) bottles of glow-in-the-dark nail polish: Suz @ A Soul Unsung, Mary H, K8
  • Amy Plum's contest winner is KAYLEE VARNER
  • Jennifer GW won Soul Screamers volumes one and two
  • Victoria Schwab's individual giveaway winner is Elie (zenfoxflower)

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