Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We Want YOUR Input for the Next Scavenger Hunt!

We're preparing the next YA Scavenger Hunt, and we need your help! Please take a moment to give us your opinions--and please share this with other people, too! We want to make a hunt that YOU will like, and to do that, we need YOUR feedback.

To that end, please take a moment to answer the poll to the right ------->>>>

The Hunt is getting pretty popular these days, and there are both advantages and disadvantages to make it bigger.

For those of you new to this, the hunt is like a blog hop. Readers go from blog to blog gathering clues. At the end, when they have all the clues, they enter for a grand prize--a signed book from each of the authors on the hop.

This means: The more authors participating, the bigger the prize you will get. But the harder it will be to get that prize.

If fifty authors participate, you have to go to fifty authors' blogs to get clues. That will take a lot of time on your part to piece together the puzzle. But! If you win, you'll get fifty signed books.

On the other hand, if twenty-five authors participate, you will spend half the time getting together the clues...but your prize will be twenty-five books, not fifty.

We really want to make this something YOU want to participate in and enjoy. So please, let us know! Do you want more authors (a harder competition, but a better prize) or do you want less (easier competition, but a smaller prize). Please vote now!

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